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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 27, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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9news now in hd is brought
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to you by verizon fieso. "this broadcast realtime fios. a mother upset called us after health workers turned her and her two children away from an h1n1 clinic. >> we went looking for answers to see what went wrong and got results. britany morehouse joins us live with this 9news now exclusive. >> answers were hard to come by earlier this evening for one dc mother. she waited in line for an hour in the rain to get those flu shots. only to be told doctors and nurses there they couldn't get vaccinations. >> it is a really tough decision if you're sitting home thinking about it but you have to just ask a lot of questions. >> reporter: as we learned later she sure did ask those questions. >> i thought i did everything right. i researched. i called all my friends. i talked to my pediatrician. >> reporter: but she said once
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inside after completing this questionnaire. they looked at our forms and said you can't be vaccinated because you received the flu shot within the last 30 days. >> reporter: connolly says that information didn't match what she had researched. >> i said can you check with a physician and there was a physician on staff who came out and said, yes, you can get it. can you check with another physician because i want to make sure and another physician came out and he said you have to know which arm you received it in because you cannot get it in the same arm. >> reporter: three different answers from three different people. connolly turned away in despair and turned to us for answers. >> we don't need any talking points. as mothers with small children we just need the truth. >> reporter: 9news now called the health department. we learned that connolly and her two young children were in fact qualified to get those shots. come tomorrow morning they will be making those arrangements because she says the h1n1 virus is too scary to ignore. >> it is very scary and i love my children and that's why i'm
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doing this. >> reporter: confusion. bottom line. 30-day waiting period connolly mentioned it only applies if you had the regular flu mist. there is no problem with getting two flu shots within 30 days. if they are taken on different days you can get them in the same arm and children will have to get a second round of shots three weeks after this first set. so, anita, people should be making, planning their schedule accordingly. >> all right. that vaccine is still so hard it find. britany morehouse, thank you for those answers. are you looking for a vaccination in your area? montgomery county will offer free h1n1 nasal spray vaccinations to healthy children and young adults. they don't have the injectable form. that's tomorrow from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the following three high schools. north west. rockville and norwood. fairfax county will offer free vaccinations all day long tomorrow at five district offices but clinics in prince william county that have been planned for tomorrow have been
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canceled at this point. we have a detailed list of what is happening, what is not on if the flu reaches pandemic proportions some workers may stay away from the office and work at home using the internet. now a new government report says the web may not be able to handle the crush. gary neurenberg is in our web center to explain. >> reporter: people will want to stay home and work from there. children will be home from school because of pandemic. the web may not be able to handle it. and no flu shot can inoculate the web from the potential slow downs and outages. think what is likely to happen where you work if the flu hits hard. >> tell working people from home if there is a pandemic the organization would say people work from home. >> reporter: michael gardener can see it in his future. >> that would be an option for me considering a lot of the work i do can be done remotely. >> reporter: add to the mix
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millions of school kids home from school because of a pandemic. a new report says the infrastructure of the worldwide web might not be able to deal with the load. >> you may be in trouble. it depends on where you live, the capacity of the networks. >> reporter: robert from maverick cyber defense. >> it is the local service provider that has the issue. they are only designed to be so big and they split among multiple customers. so each person who buys home network access gets that access and then they only have a small slice of the total pie. if everyone is trying to use their home internet system that might be an issue. >> the department of homeland security not planning for this problem. in response a letter was sent back to gao quoted it says "during a pandemic, internet access is not realistic."
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i'm meteorologist topper shutt on the weather terrace. light to moderate rain across most of the metro area. in fact, we will show you live doppler 9000 and rain is up and down 95 north and south. out 66 and all the way out into annapolis and beyond. so a good soaking rain tonight. here is your wakeup weather. some good news by the time 8 rolls around you get the younger kids to the bus stop. maybe a leftover shower or drizzle but temperatures will be cool but not bad. 52 to 57. we will come become. still putting the finishing touches on wednesday afternoon and looking ahead to the all partner hallowe'en forecast. death toll in afghanistan standing at 55 american troops killed in october making this the deadliest month since the start of the war. among the ten americans killed in afghanistan just this past monday, three were dea agents from our area. surae chinn is with us right now to tell us more about them. >> reporter: derek, this has been a day of mourning.
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this week, in fact. as the d.e.a. says three of their finest were killed when their chopper went down. it may surprise you just how large a presence the d.e.a. has a war zone and in that part of the world. >> reporter: the chinook was returning from a successful fight when it crashed killing a 37-year-old, 30-year-old and 37- year-old michael weston of dc. david gaddes is the chief enforcement of operations. he says the d.e.a. is no stranger to war zones. >> it is a high risk area. there is no doubt about it. and our three fallen agents recognized and understood and accepted freely the risk associated to that work. clearly heroic. >> reporter: afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium which is used to make
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heroin. the drug trade is a major source of funding for terrorist networks and that's why the d.e.a. has put its sights on afghanistan. >> the majority of terrorist organizations at some point in time will turn to drug trafficking for their funds. >> reporter: while the d.e.a. deals with losing three of their own in the woodbridge area where special agent leman's family lives they are coming to grips with their loss. >> it is a tragedy. >> reporter: and helping the widow who learned she is four months pregnant. >> my heart goes out to them. >> reporter: the taliban has claimed responsibility but the u.s. military says it was not hostile fire. cbs news has been told that an operation has been mounted to reclaim the bodies of the dead and secure the wreckage. anita? >> thank you. this is the scene when a
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medevac chopper went down killing four. now officials are placing blame behind the deadly crash. millions of dollars are being spent to find out where a government agency puts billions of your tax dollars. plus. >> it seems like the players aren't playing with the motivation to win. >> skins biting the dust again making the fans see red.
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file this one at your tax dollars at work. with the subheading you've got to be kidding me. congress was just told it has spent millions of your tax dollars trying to audit how it spent billions of your tax dollars. more specifically fema says it spent $5 million reviewing how it spent $29 billion since
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2002. here is the kicker. they still don't know where that money went. file this next story under it sure did look good on paper. remember that coastguard training exercise they had down near the pentagon, the one that just happened to fall on the september 11th of this year? and that president obama was in that area for a 9/11 memorial service and folks got all worked up that the coastguard hasn't made it clear that this was just a drill. everybody got into a lather and now the coastguard has reviewed the matter and come to the conclusion bad timing and bad idea. convicted sniper john mohammed chose how victims would die, by bullet. now the commonwealth of virginia has determined how he will die by lethal injection. november 10th he is scheduled for execution. he was given the same choice that they give all inmates, electrocution or lethal injection. mohammed declined to choose. by law when a prisoner so declines the state uses lethal injection. new developments surrounding a helicopter crash that claimed four lives.
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the results from the investigation is up next. big changes being made at fedex field leaving fans even more fed up. we will have the details after the break. plus, what you can expect for your morning commute. topper shutt working on your full forecast as we speak. you are watching 9news now.
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the national transportation safety board is now blaming the pilot for the deadly crash of a state police helicopter. it hit trees last year killing the pilot steven bunker, two medics and car accident victim that was being flown to the hospital. a second car accident victim
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survived. after failing to get much help from air traffic controllers he tried to get below the mist. investigators he was looking for the ground that he ignored something that would have warned him he was about to fly into something. >> we want them to make sure when they are going to save a life they don't lose their lives or risk other lives. >> you can only hope it will fix things and make them better. >> that crash report recommends all emergency medical helicopters be eequipped with a system that warns pilots if they are about to fly into the ground. a push in frederick county to have the inmates pay for their stay in july. the board of commissioners has unanimously approved a plan to charge them for room and board. the issue is now on its way to the state legislature for debate. the sheriff wants to charge inmates $10 for every day they are housed at the frederick county adult detention center. he also wants to charge them $35 for a dental visit. $25 if they want to pursue a
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ged. jenkins says the plan could raise $1 million a year. here is your forecast first. next three days we have leftover shower in the morning then maybe drizzle but not much falls tomorrow during the day. most will be tonight. 63. then on thursday drizzle possible. temperatures a bit cooler. we will struggle to get to 60. some good news on friday. little bit more sunshine. and maybe a shower late in the day but at least milder with temperatures back up into the upper 60s. weekend flanking me. not great. here is a look at the forecast overnight in detail. cloudied and cool. more rain. ending by dawn. low temperatures around 50. let me show you live doppler 9000. everybody is getting rain. whether it be light or moderate. we will zoom in a little bit around the metro area. we have rain at the winchester, leesburg, chantilly, woodbridge, down to stafford. you can access this via the
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web. heavy activity around bethesda. everyone is getting light to moderate rain. forestville. out 52 annapolis. it will be that way until dawn. let's go back to the computer. we will talk about tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy and cool. maybe a leftover shower but the heavy and steadier rain will have ended by dawn. 50s to 60s. roads may be wet for the commute. howard will have your bus stop forecast at 4:55 a.m. by afternoon mostly cloudy and cool. high temperatures 60 to 65. winds turn out of the north west at about 10. here is our 9 micro cast model. all of the activities by 7:00 a.m. history. notice something else. clouds don't go away. no rapid clearing after this system. tomorrow evening we are still cloudy. tomorrow night we are still cloudy. thursday morning we are still cloudy. and even into thursday afternoon we are still cloudy. again, bulk of the rainfall tonight but the clouds will
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hang some kind of tough over the next couple of days. satellite picture radar combined big storm in the rockies. this will be a snow storm for them. some folks may have a white hallowe'en and that's going to be the same storm that hits us over the hallowe'en weekend. not with snow but with some rain showers. this in the meantime is what will come through tonight. pretty good storm. we are looking at probably a good solid three quarters to inch of rain across the entire metro area as we go through the nighttime hours into tomorrow morning. this has been a pretty wet october after a pretty dry start. let's talk about the forecast for the zones. all six zones still on our website at not much precipitation. maybe 65 down in dale city. and into the east we go. river. 63 downtown. 62 in annapolis. no small craft advisories in effect but i wouldn't want to be on the water tomorrow. next seven days. 63 tomorrow. maybe a shower, drizzle. drizzle on thursday.
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60. little better on friday. upper 60s. maybe a shower late. the weekend not so good. we haven't changed it so much. looking like it will be dry for the autism walk saturday morning. come out 10:00 a.m. walk time. showers. maybe a thunderstorm at night. wet through trick-or-treating. we fall back to standard time and replace the batteries in your smoke detector. >> did trick or treating look better earlier? >> it looked the same. looked much better yesterday. >> thank you, topper. derek. redskins fans they love to believe they are second to none when it comes to beloving their team but after yet another disappointing loss it seems that hope has become frustration and passion for the home team is rapidly turning to rage. >> it has been going on for a little bit and i think they are just fed up at this time. >> if there is really a thin line between love and hate, it
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is obvious dc's long love affair with the redskins has crossed over to a darker place. the so-called 12th man at fedex field has turned nasty battering the struggling skins with boos but reserving its rage for team owner dan snyder. >> i know he is a redskins fan but he doesn't really seem to care about us winning, he seems to care about making money. >> he makes a point of keeping mom during the season but last night he tried to muzzle the fans as well banning signs from fedex. what about the view from your own home page? the web is burning up with redskins rage. some hilarious like this sherm lewis playbook. he calls scramble left and fumble and the rest is misery. others are much more in your face, dan snyder. like and fire dan snyder pages on facebook and twitter. they want fans to stop spending money on the skins until dan
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snyder sells out or hires a good general manager. >> as long as we have this owner we won't be good. >> someone like coach cower that comes in. >> pittsburgh steeler fan there. doesn't want the redskins to do well. tonight the redskins are seemingly escalating things again banning media interviews with tailgating fans on fedex field property. they told our sports director brett haber this has always been team policy but when he pointed out that we and other stations including their very own broadcast partners have always talked openly with tailgaters there was -- well, let's just say no further explanation. on your screen right now pennsylvania woman named susan -- police say if you're willing to give her tickets to the world series she was willing to let you get to first base. and a whole lot further. she placed an ad on craigslist saying she was desperate for tickets. and we do mean desperate. undercover cop met her at a
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bar. she wasted no time. she did actually offer sex for tickets to the world series. now she has a date with the judge. >> that's a familiar. i never wanted to go to a sporting event that bad. then again i go for free. different people have different priorities, i know. i realize that. wizards opening tonight. >> they played well. >> i don't even recognize them. >> different team. >> they were awful last year. but that was last year. gilbert arenas is back and he got off to a rip roaring start in the season opener down in dallas. we will show you what he did. plus, is chris cooley done for the year or isn't it? an update on the pro bowl tight end. 9sports is coming up.
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9news now is brought to you in part by your local lexus dealers. it is time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. well, never has a team that went 19-63 the year before had such high expectations. wizards opening the night as that team. optimism stems from the return of a healthy gilbert arenas. they are missing antawn jamison with that shoulder problem. everybody curious to see what kind of rhythm gilbert would have. pretty good one it turns out. pulls up for the long 2. 15 at
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half time for gil. wizards leading by 6. dirk nowitzki had 34 to lead everyone. but gil announcing his comeback to everyone off that. hang time there. he had 29 as the wizards win the opener 102-91. right on. caps playing flyers tonight. comeback. alex ovechkin. 10th of the year. making it 2-1. power play in the 2nd. nicklas backstrom. rifling the one-timer. tying the game at 2. and then in the 3rd alexander semin who has missed the last two games with an illness looks fine now. that made it 3-2. ov adding an empty netter. caps lead the atlantic by seven points. bye week for the redskins. if they ever needed to get away it is the 53 guys that got
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manhandled by the eagles. the play chart was different than what they told us. sherm lewis called the pass plays only. zorn stuck his nose in down by the goal line. it didn't really help any and zorn confessed today he still can't stand the system. >> i'm most comfortable calling plays myself no question. okay. i can't deny that. i can't fill you with fluff there. but this seemed to work. it had some success. we had our share of failures. we will just continue to build on that. >> i would like to be filled with fluff the way things have been going. conflicting stories on the status of chris cooley. zorn said this morning he would be replaced on injured reserve with the fractured ankle but cooley tweeting tonight saying he hopes to be back within four weeks. he will have pins inserted tomorrow. the buck ultimately stops with dan snyder.
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he spoke out today. vinny cerrato holding his first press conference of the season fending off questions about his failure to bolster that offensive line then facing speculation his job is in jeopardy. >> i feel like my job is on the line all the time. that's not something that i'm really worried about. my job is to fill the holes when guys get hurt. things take care of themselves after the season. i don't worry about those things. >> finally tonight, nothing says i care like a sweaty 370- pound hug and that's what one unsuspecting fan in cleveland got as shaq went after a loose ball and stoppeds himself by giving some love to that guy right there. who was later hospitalized with four broken ribs because when shaq hugs you -- i'm kidding. he wasn't really. would that be a badge of honor to get hugged by shaq or would you want to wipe -- >> i think you're thinking badge of honor and dry cleaner. >> don't crawl on me, just hug
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me. >> just hug. >> gently. >> that's 9news now for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. letterman is next with cougar town actress courtenay cox. >> have a great night. don't forget, we are always on. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in this attack ad, ken cuccinelli says, "it's a study in contrasts and judgment,"
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